Recent Before & After Photos

Mold in Attic

Mold can grow anywhere and it often does. All it needs to grow is the proper environment and a little time. In this case it grew in the attic space of this Ce... READ MORE

Effects of Unchecked Water Damage

The mold in this Central Maine home was caused by an ongoing water damage that was never attended to. The family that lived here had no idea what was going on ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Central Maine home

A water damage is never a welcome visitor to anybody's home or business. It is always disruptive and can cause a lot of stress to those affected. It can damag... READ MORE

Water Damage in Vacation Ski Condo

We were called in to help with this water damage at a Sugarloaf condo. When we arrived, the ceilings were heavily damaged and there was water throughout the ho... READ MORE

Dirty, Greasy Carpet Stain

Do you have carpets with stains that you won't believe will come out with any type of carpet cleaning? This carpet in a commercial building had been severely a... READ MORE

Table Affected by Soot During House Fire

This table is severely damaged from soot particles that have been heat transferred into the material. If you were to rub your hand over the tabletop, you would... READ MORE

Mold Damage in a Vacation Home

Mold damage can creep up at any time. For this homeowner, it happened after water continued to run unchecked over the winter in the basement of their vacation ... READ MORE

China Restoration

These dishes were were recovered from a fire. You can see how tarnished and soot covered they are. Even fine china like this can be restored by our trained SER... READ MORE

Fire Cleanup/Restoration

A fire can happen at any time and the damage it causes can be disastrous. This photo shows a little of the damage a fire can cause. Amazingly, SERVPRO of Augu... READ MORE

Lamp From A Fire Restoration

In your wildest dreams, would you ever expect a lamp with this much soot to look as good as it does after our restoration cleaning? This lamp was completely re... READ MORE